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Summer 2010: ePiano is pleased to announce the release of Soundsetter for Apple Macinstosh computers.

Now, for the first time Mac users can plug in any MIDI keyboard (PNOscan too!), and instantly select up to 6 sounds to play at once. It uses the Mac's powerful MIDI handling and Operating System to turn the Mac into live playback tool augmenting or replacing the Sounnd-Modules of yester-year.

The Mac version includes the a customized version of the SimpleSynth software and automatically upgrades the Mac's live playback sound potential via a high quality Soundfont. What's more, there is super-low latency! (PC users be jealous!).


Soundsetter for Mac let's you:

  1. Select from 128 sounds to play from the universal standard General Midi (GM) sound palette.
  2. Create unique sound combinations by layering and mixing up to 6 sounds at once.
  3. Change octave and volume per sound for unlimited sound mixing possibilities.
  4. Easily access and play drum sounds.
  5. Use a metronome with visual and audible feedback. 
  6. Save presets of your favorite sound combinations.
  7. Select a "panic" reset with one easy one-button to a solo grand piano sound.

Institutional applications include the management of piano ensemble classes, and the ability to explore a variety of sounds and sound layers. It also allows sound selection during the operation of other MIDI software applications that do not have native sound selection options (Home Concert for example). SoundSetter program is exclusive to ePiano and an essential component of being able to effectively use the computer as a music performance tool.

  • Simple instrumental sound selection, including dedicated drums/percussion button.
  • No latency playback of computer-based sound using Soundfont technology via Simple Synth
  • Adjust volume, octave, transposition and save favorites to presets.
  • Built in metronome


Contact us for more information on how to access this exciting new addition to the ePiano and Macintosh