Grant Information

The ePiano can be a great candidate for grant funding.  It combines the arts, technology, education and a cooperative private sector party in a single package.  At ePiano, we are very responsive to the needs and requests of schools, and their affiliates.  Let us develop a proposal to meet your schools needs that can assist you in your grant-funding related search. 

Grant Related Websites, information resources etc.  ePiano provides these links merely as a reference or starting point, but cannot imply that entity will provide grant funding for your needs.  If you have information that would be beneficial to others, please send us an email.  

Music friendly factor (1 thru 10) From what we can tell, this may be the "mother" of all grant sites.  It links a very large searchable database of grants by category, agency and advanced search capabilities. 

Great listing of grant related entities - seems very comprehensive and music focused

8 More of a grant-writing resource than grant sourcing site.  For K-12.  Great place to start if unfamiliar with the grant-writing process.