Big changes in the works at ePiano...

Date: November 28, 2012:

Sorry about the redirect on some of these pages, but much of the info is too out of date to display. For more current info check out my blog at:

Music- making hardware and software are experiencing phenomenal change. The increasing diversity of these connections commands that ePiano is change with the times. We, and our customers have found that a more consultative approach works to fulfill a greater variety of real market needs. We look forward to leveraging our depth in hardware and software to offer customized solutions for teachers, schools, and musically active households.

ePiano will be refocusing over the course of the year to focus on the Piano-Web connection as we help more companies build tools and sites relevant to this end.

We love this stuff, we know this stuff, and we're ready to help! Call us with your questions at 617-440-5580.

The QRS/PNOscan links are here