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Visit Pre-2005 Support if you have a question on systems purchased pre-2006.

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The software titles below are licensed to existing owners of ePiano systems, bundles for repair or upgrade. Access to this page may be temporary and is subject to change.

Please contact ePiano support at 617-440-5580 if you have any questions regarding use or installation of these programs. Typically you will be directed here by ePiano Support.


Current MusiConsole Version


Updates the MusiConsole - will require installer to customize their own application launch buttons on the tabs and system buttons(see Support button - and help section)

Quick Installation Guide

MusiConsole Installation guide (in .pdf) for printing


NEW! Soundsetter for Mac - includes a customized version of SimpleSynth.

Note: The First time you launch Soundsetter for Mac - it takes almost a full minute to configure the sounds/simplesynth. After that - it will launch normally.

Windows: Current Soundsetter Version

Updates Soundsetter to latest version.

Quick Installation Guide

Soundsetter Installation Guide for printing


SoundEngine Update 1.0