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SUPPORT > Restoration

Two approaches can be taken to repairing or restoring your system:

1.  Windows Troubleshooting/repair techniques.
This can be quite time consuming and potentially frustrating - but it increases the chances of saving existing system data and added programs. 

2.  ePiano Restore Factory Default Restoration CDs.
Used when normal diagnostics fail or when there is a physical failure of hard drive or system failure due to viruses etc.  Replaces all contents of hard drive with factory default.

Windows Troubleshooting and Repair Techniques: 
Here's a good link to a summary of steps to try prior to system restoration (however, please keep in mind performing these steps may take longer than a system restoration):

Microsoft has a "webcast" that does a bang up job of exploring the whole topic of XP system Boot and crash troubleshooting here (this is a lot of information - and only for the tech interested):  


ePiano Restore System Default CDs.

NOTE:  ePiano Restoration CDs replace ALL data/programs/files on your system and returns it the factory shipped default settings.  Please make every attempt to back up your system prior to system recovery. 

A unique set of restoration CDs is required for your ePiano system.  These are shipped upon request and are based on your system serial number. Request Restoration CDs by emailing (please included system serial number on rear of CPU case near cable/expansion slots: Send this to  support@mindwaremusic.com or call 978-640-9778. 

Instructions are included with the restoration CDs and vary according to system serial number.
Systems can also be shipped to Mindware Music for restoration - there is a $50 base service fee (+shipping) for restoration/testing. 

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