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PNOScan is the feature - software is the benefit. ePiano delivers a simple software recipe with after sale support.

"ePiano Software with piano scan is Magical" - Skip Daynes, Daynes Music, Founded 1862

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Dealer Pricing (revised January 2011)

Item Consumer Info   Consumer
PNOscan PC Laptop Bundle learn more   $99
PNOscan Software Value (requires General MIDI sound source) learn more   $149
Mac Starter (Home Concert Xtreme & Soundsetter for Mac)     $149
*Must be QRS/PNOscan dealer. Pricing and specifications subject to change without notice.


*Dealer Pricing Trial.

The computer building business has become the province of basically two groups - the Dells/HPs of the world, and those building systems for specific applications or customers. When building for a specific application, you are compared to the behemoths of computer building, and the pricing of core components makes it impossible to compete with the Dell et al on low priced systems.

Bottom line, it's hard to mark-up computers. That being said, there are no musical systems on that market that compare to ePiano Systems in turn-key simplicity and features!

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Learning and Training Resources

MusiConsole Beta for Online Training

Getting StartedRecording Guide

Custom Demonstration Systems:

At ePiano we have built and helped schools build hundreds of systems around music making applications. Let us build a custom system for your store or OEM application.

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