PNOscan Integration Consulting

Date: November 28, 2012:

Music making hardware and software are experiencing phenomenal change. PNOscan has proven to be an excellent vehicle for the acoustic piano to keep pace with these changes - allowing it to connect to most contemporary pcs, macs, tablets, phones. Since these connections and software requirements are increasingly diverse - a one-size fits all approach is no longer relevant and ePiano is turning it's focus to personalized support solutions. Contact us at 617-440-5580 and let us help you make the most of your PNOscan connection. We love this stuff, we know this stuff, and we're ready to help!

What is PNOscan? Go to the QRS website for PNO scan

See: Tips on how to setup your PNOscan piano with your computer.


FAQ for the PNOscan-software connection

Q.  Can I use an old desktop computer with PNOscan?

A: As long as it has Windows XP or newer - the USB midi connection will allow you to receive key information from PNOscan. If choosing/using new software for your older computer, then make the system requirements for those applications are present in your older computer as well. It is recommended to install a soundcard with Soundfont capabilities in order to experience a degree of quality and when using MIDI OUT for any feature since a PC desktop without a soundcard suffers from the same issues as a PC laptop (see below).

Q.  Can I use my PC laptop?

A.  PC:  Yes, but (and this may be a signicant consideration)– depending upon program used you might need to buy some outside hardware.  If your software makes use of MIDI out  - it will need help to work properly – usually an outboard sound module.   In applications where MIDI out is used – a desktop with appropriate soundcard is the recommended solution. This makes the PC laptop a challenging option when using software that doesn't have it's own built-in sounds (many production programs like Mixcraft do), but most educational and MIDI focused programs (Home Concert, Soundsetter, Music Ace etc), do not.  

Q.  What is General MIDI and why is it important?

A. See our full write up on the current state of General MIDI here.

Q.  What is latency?

A. In music making, latency is the delay between playing a key and hearing the sound via a computer system. ALL systems (PC, laptop, desktops, Macs etc) have some latency, but it's not usually bothersome (to most) if under 20 milliseconds. See our page "what is latency and why is important" for more information.

Q.  Is there a way to fix latency?

A. The technology standard ASIO addresses many of the computer system issues that cause latency.When the goal is to make heavy use of audio processing software - then a combination more processing power and RAM (and then more RAM!), will offer possibilities for reducing latency. However, if even you have ASIO drivers - there is no standard MIDI OUT option that will give you the General MIDI sounds to make use of educaitonal software counting on the presence of a General MIDI sound set.
See our page "what is latency and why is important" for more information.

Q:  What about Mac with PNOscan? 

A:  Fine. The mac has audio properties that work seamlessly with PNOscan. 

Q:  Where do I get more MIDI files for Home Concert? 

A: A search for MIDI files on the internet will reveal thousands of possibilities for MIDI files. However, unless the files are from a known and trusted source of public domain content - there may be a question as to the legality of use of these "in the wild" files.



Support Info

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