ePiano In Action:

By Dr. Gena Greher, Professor of Music Education, University of Massachusetts, Lowell

UML Music Dept PictureWhen I had the opportunity to set up a small computer lab for the UMass Lowell Demonstration School there were several options we considered. One was using existing computers and purchasing music related software and midi controllers, and another was to purchase new hardware and software. Since all of the school's existing computers had different operating systems and platforms that scenario was ruled out completely. 

The choice to purchase the ePiano system as opposed to independently purchasing hardware and software was probably the smartest decision I could have made. Knowing all the potential software conflicts that one could face would be taken care of before the systems were on sight was a major factor influencing my decision. The other factor was I knew that most of the teachers who would be working with the systems either would be the classroom teachers at the Demo School or music teachers in training. The ePiano interface is set up logically and intuitively with students and their teachers in mind. The whole time my students were teaching in the Demo school, they never had to deal with technology problems and they found the ePiano system to be easy to navigate through and easy to keep track of the students' progress. In addition I found the company to be reliable, helpful, a great technology resource for me and my students and pleasure to work with.