Teaching Ideas: Semi Private Lesson

The Semi Private lesson is a small group, technology enhanced rotational format based on a three station approach.  It's a great way for students to learn and teachers to teach!

The NEW Semi Private Tour! 

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SemiPrivate Basics:

Based on a 1 hour time block divided as follows:

  1. Warm Up (5 minutes)
  2. Rotation 1: Teacher Station (15 Minutes)
  3. Rotation 2: Musicianship Station (15 Minutes)
  4. Rotation 3: Exploration Station (15 Minutes)
  5. Group Activity/Ensemble (5-10 minutes)

The essence of the Semi Private lesson is to use software technology as a tutor - and let the teacher be the leader.  It makes for an attractive business opportunity and represents exception customer value.  

Here's how the Cape Cod Conservatory describes the Semi Private Lesson format in their course materials:

Play! Learn! Create! Piano Explorers [The name of their SemiPrivate class] uses state-of-the-art digital pianos, computers and music software to make the music-learning process more fun! Your child will learn to play the piano while starting new friendships and developing their creativity. Classes are taught in small groups that include private one-on-one piano instruction, and computer music stations featuring 'creative exploration' and 'musicianship'. Your child will develop their very own "Music Portfolio" that includes recorded performances, compositions and other music projects. Let your child's creativity emerge! Held in the new "Music Technology Lab". All the tools and technology used by today's leading musicians and enthusiasts - provided in a clean, safe and secure environment. No prior music experience necessary.

SemiPrivate Lesson presentation in .pdf format (260k).
PowerPoint handout summary of the SemiPrivate Lesson.  A basicintroduction oriented to the private music teacher.  
PowerPoint Presentation via the web (NEW in Flash!)


If you are a teacher interested in participating in the SemiPrivate Lesson program.  Please email  or call 617-440-5580.