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Support > Reduce Latency with ASIO4ALL


Older XP laptops can use the FREE ASIO4ALL open soure driver to help reduce latency in Mixcraft and other sequencing programs


    1. Go to and download the latest installer for your Operating System. (note - sometimes this site get a little slow/balky)...
      ASIO4All save as
    2. Open and install the application - accepting default recommendations.
    3. Open Mixcraft (will work with other appliations - but we'll focus on Mixcraft).
    4. In Mixcraft menu bar - choose File>Preferences - from the dialog - choose Sound Devices and select ASIO as per picture below.
      Mixcraft 5 Sound Preferences
    5. Selection Open Mixer and choose your Output (usually Realtek, AC97 for Laptops)..
      ASIO4all Settings
    6. Reduce buffer size but check out quality of recording to make sure you haven't gone too far. THis is the setting that will vary on a per-system basis.