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Support > Live Support with CrossLoop

ePiano now uses CrossLoop! This delivers an easy use "screen sharing" application service that allows the ePiano tech to confirm various settings and make necessary changes in the most efficent manner possible. Installation takes about 2 mintues.
Note: requires a Broadband Internet connection (Cable/DSL etc) for best performance.

  1. Download Cross Loop Software. ePiano features Crossloop Pro so there's no need to pay anything or register to use the application or service. Use the My Download button to download the latest version (see image below for the "My Download" button location).
  2. Choose Save File - and after saving - Open file to Install this application on your system - following the suggested prompts from the Crossloop installer.
    Save Crossloop file
  3. You can choose NO to run at Startup.
    Run at Startup?
  4. On the "Sign up for CrossLoop Account" - you can click "skip" at the bottom.
  5. Call ePiano tech support at 617-440-5580 to request and schedule a Cross Loop support session. We are able to accomodate most live support requests within 24-48 hours, sometimes faster.
  6. Launch software and click on the "Share" tab option. See below..
    CrossLoop Running
  7. Provide your Share Access Code to ePiano tech and click connect. You have the ability to disconnect at any time.
  8. ePiano will be able to Conduct "live session" as if the tech were actually sitting at your computer.