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Four things to know about GarageBand '08

(we don't believe that these have changed in GB'09) tell us if you think they have.

Thanks to George Litterst from Timewarp Tech for these facts/notes.

1. MIDI Input to GB

GB does record MIDI input. Interestingly, there is no MIDI Setup window. It just looks at the available MIDI Input devices and if MIDI data comes in while you are recording, it records it.

2. MIDI Output from GB

GB plays back all MIDI data using internal voices. However, a 3rd party company has a plugin called midiO that is supposed to provide true MIDI Output:

3. MIDI Export from GB

You cannot natively save or export MIDI files from GB. And, there appears to be no true 3rd party solution. You can purchase the expensive Logic program and import GB files or use midiO (see below) to output to a sequencer in real time.

4. MIDI Import to GB

GB does not offer a native way to import Standard MIDI files. However, there is a 3rd party program called Dent du MIDI that enables this (sort of) by essentially turning the MIDI files into audio "containers" that enable the playback of MIDI data within GB:

And there is another program called GB Midi Import purports to import the actual MIDI data:

Putting those aside, I discovered that you can simply drag a MIDI file into the main Garageband window to import it!