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Problem: No MIDI output from PNOscan.

Solution 1: Power on?

Are the lights on the PNOscan control box? The unit gets power from two possible sources, USB, or power adapter.

  • If USB, make sure your USB cable is plugged into a computer that is also turned on.
  • If power adapter, verify power to the outlet, and that the power adapter is plugged in completely to the proper jack on the back of the PNOscan box.

Solution 2: Verify proper output 'mode'.

The QRS PNOscan box has 3 possible output 'mode' settings.

Click for larger picture of panel
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Pressing the KeyAdj/Mode button (in diagram above - showing Modes 1, 2 & 3 with the arrow) cycles through the 3 possible 'modes' of the PNOscan output. We want the one that "blinks twice, then pauses".

Press and release the button to switch modes.
  1. QRS mode - Light blinks once, then pauses - for use with Pianomation - record/playback. (still outputs MIDI - but at a much lower level).
  2. MIDI Sound Module Mode - Light blinks twice, then a pause - CHOOSE THIS ONE!
  3. Mute Mode - Light flashes steadily (this is often the culprit if you don't have any output).


Still not working? Send your question/problem to: ePiano PNOscan Support