Fall 2012 ePiano announcement - pending changes...

Spring 2011: New Blog at www.onlinerecital.com

February 2011: ePiano is co-developing the content and technology behind www.UPlayPiano.com. (read more)

Fall 2010:ePiano moves focus to software.

Summer 2010: Soundsetter for Mac!

2/15/10: CrossLoop Pro for live support available

1/14/10: New PNOscan bundles at NAMM

12/1/09: General MIDI - is it still important?

5/15/09: New Products custom designed for QRS PNOscan.

12/15/07: Learn about the SemiPrivate Lesson teaching method online seminar.  

11/06: Knight Foundation releases 10 year study of orchestra/symphony attendance.  EDITORIAL: Implications for music education?


Welcome to ePiano

At ePiano, we connect pianos to the world of software.

ePiano's 1st law of music technology:
"If it's easy to use, it gets used"

ePiano also provides expert advice for the integration and use of the QRS PNOscan technology. PNOscan brings the power and flexibility of the digital age to any "traditional" acoustic piano.

If you or your school need help navigating the latest music making technologies, please call us at 617-440-5580 or send an email to info@epiano.com.

Soundsetter Software

At ePiano, we believe:

  • The human spirit is lifted through music.
  • Making music elevates the soul and improves humanity.
  • Technology can be used to enhance the music-making experience.

ePiano's 2nd law of music technology:
"Power begets complexity"

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